Thursday, 6 July, 2017

Beware of counterfeit spares

Recently, we were confronted increasingly with counterfeit spare parts for our Oily Water Separators, ODME, Sewage Treatment Plants, Filters, and Sterilizers.

We highly recommend not to put our systems into service with such parts! Also in consideration of the security for the operators of the systems.

Every spare part, which leaves our company, is designed in detail with the data of the systems for which it is installed. So we can make sure that it is the correct component in the right quality.

Many parts of our equipment may look as if it contains standard parts. However, many parts are specially adapted and/or modified. This may not be visible from outside.

Also if parts are offered as OEM or "OEM-Quality"; please be more than skeptical.

Many components of our systems are produced by our own manufacturing, so JOWA is the "Original Equipment Manufacturer" and our suppliers are selected with exacting regard to quality and reliability.

Remember: Using non original parts can prove as very expensive!

Only genuine spare parts can ensure trouble-free function of our systems. This concerns also the observance of legal values and the validity of (type) approvals.

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